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About Us

Her Hope was founded from a vision to make a difference in our world today. Yes, we know that sounds a little cliché and really lofty. But we also see it as one step at a time. We desire to combat evil, exploitation and darkness while celebrating the hope, tenacity and resilience of women by making sustainably and ethically made products available here in the western world. 

Both of us (Hanna and Jan) spent a few years in Cambodia, Southeast Asia. During our time there, we each grew a greater awareness of labour trafficking, workplace safety, and workers’ rights. Some of our friends work in factories from early morning till evening, barely making enough money to feed their kids, much less pay for child care or send their children to school. Older siblings are put in charge of caring for the babies while their mom works long days in the factory, hindering her kids from getting an education, thus setting a trajectory for the next generation. And so the cycle continues. 

Issues like this are not solved by just one simple approach. One cannot simply shut down all the unethical factories in the world- as that would create a serious and likely fatal issue of unemployment and starvation and most definitely increased trafficking of humans. Her Hope is simply one facet to help combat exploitation in a multidimensional global issue. 

We are committed to only carrying products that we know are produced in an ethical manner where artisans and workers are treated with dignity and equality. The companies we partner with are committed to providing a safe working environment as well as paying their employees a living wage, allowing families to be supported and children to get an education. 

We are also committed to quality of product. Our goal with Her Hope is to provide you with high quality products that are created sustainably and ethically. 

Our vision to bring change to our world can be daunting. However, changing the way we shop one purchase at a time will impact our world and our future.

Thank you for your support!  We couldn’t do this without you.

Hanna and Jan


Her Hope- celebrating hope by combatting exploitation through conscious trade