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Jam - Earl Grey Lavender Peach

Jam - Earl Grey Lavender Peach

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This jam tastes as exquisite and delicate as it sounds. The intoxicating bergamot flavour dances with the lavender and peach. Wonderful on a scone slathered with butter. 

235mL sealed, shelf stable jar. Refrigerate after opening. 

Some ways to enjoy your jam:

  • Spread on brie
  • Peach crisp
  • A side on a charcuterie board
  • Bake into a cake
  • Stir into BBQ sauce
  • PB & J sandwich
  • Spread on a croissant

Worthy jams are made without artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours. They are vegan, gluten-free, and made with natural citrus pectin and organic cane sugar. 

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, peach, water, citrus pectin coconut oil, lavender buds, Earl Grey tea, monocalcium phosphate (plant based calcium powder)

The Worthy Story:

While in recovery from addiction, the founder of Worthy Jams got her zest for life back through her passion for preserving. Her hope is that, one jar at a time, she can reduce the stigma around addiction and remind everyone: we are all worthy.